Trams and Trolleybuses

Irrespective of the distance of your trip, tram and trolleybus fare is 1.25 UAH (regular) and 0.6 UAH (discount for students).

After buying a ticket, you have to punch it with a special ticket-stamping machines which can be found on the inside walls of the tram or trolleybus. Only with a punched ticket can you lawfully ride on the tram.

We recommend that you keep your ticket till the end of your trip.




Urban busses are one of the most popular means of transport. In Lviv they are referred to simply as “marshrutka” (a route car). The bus fare is 2 UAH.

At present the money is paid to the bus driver, but in the future the electronic ticketing system is to be introduced.



Within the framework of “Friendly City” project there has been elaborated a single standard of taxicab visualization: models of lightboxes, side signage, information card and driver’s badge.

“Friendly City” sticker ensures the quality of service, offered to city residents and guests. Such taxicabs offer the possibility to pay by card, charge your mobile phone and receive free internet access (Wi-Fi). The fare you pay will depend on the route you take, time of the day etc.

We recommend that you discuss the taxi fare with the driver before you start your trip.



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