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  • Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Somewhere in the subterranean vaults of the Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square), you can come upon a basement tavern, designed to look like a kryyivka (underground bunker) Kryyivkas were used by partisan soldiers enlisted in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. But, you need to pronounce the password if you want to get in... 

    Rynok sq. 14

  • Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    The first Museum-Restaurant in Ukraine! 

    20 Virmens'ka str.

  • Atmosfera (Atmosphere)

    Atmosfera (Atmosphere)

    This restaurant specializing in European cuisine is located in the centre of the Old City. 

    18 Brativ Rohatynciv str.

  • Art-Café «Kvartyra 35» (Apartment 35)

    Art-Café «Kvartyra 35» (Apartment 35)

    This café is located on the second floor of the «Dzyga» Gallery; it is the meeting place for members of the Lviv «Jazz Club». 

    35 Virmens'ka str.

  • Café 1

    Café 1

    The «Café 1» Vinotheque is a comfortable and quiet place for people who want to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the old-time atmosphere of the Old City. 

    5 Katedral'na sq.



    This coffee shop serves great coffee, and organizes various artistic events. 

    9 Kryva Lypa str.

  • Restaurant "Darwin"

    Restaurant "Darwin"

    This is a most elegant venue in the Old City with an interior designed to look like a library from the Victorian period. 

    6/10 Shevs'ka str.

  • Fashion Club

    Fashion Club

    The «Fashion Club» is considered to be the place to be seen, a first-class restaurant and meeting place. This establishment is patronized by the «golden youth», and people from 30-45 years, who see themselves as the elite of the city of Lviv 

    6 Pidkovy sq.

  • Irish Pub "Dublin"

    Irish Pub "Dublin"

    The Dublin Pub is first and foremost a cult place for Irish traditions. 

    5 Kryva Lypa str.

  • Italiysky Dvoryk (Italian Courtyard)

    Italiysky Dvoryk (Italian Courtyard)

    The café is located in the Old Italian courtyard, one of the most romantic places in Lviv. 

    6 Rynok sq

  • Khors


    The restaurant is located in the centre of the city, in the basement of a 17th century building. 

    6 Staroyevreys'ka str.

  • Kumpel


    This is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The beer is actually brewed on the premises, in the basement. 

    6 Vynnychenka str.

  • Kilikiya (Cilicia)

    Kilikiya (Cilicia)

    A comfortable and cosy café located in the centre of the city. 

    13 Virmens'ka str.

  • Kupol (Dome)

    Kupol (Dome)

    Plunge into the old-time atmosphere of Lviv by visiting the «Kupol» restaurant. 

    17 Chajkovs'koho str.

  • Kartopliana Khata (Potato House) (Vyhovs'koho Street)

    Kartopliana Khata (Potato House) (Vyhovs'koho Street)

    This restaurant can be classified as a Quick & Casual joint – a sort of compromise between fast-food and traditional cuisine. 

    47-a Vyhovs'koho str.

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