Wonder train

Wonder train
Rynok sq.
(032) 2367096, (050) 2419246
Open hours:
every day
Spoken languages
Українська мова, English, Русский, 
Polski, Deutsch, Français, 
1 hour
Price per 1 person
50-60 UAH

Unique, unforgettable city tour by the Wonder train. The first appearance of the Wonder train on the Lviv streets was a big surprise and an innovation for our city citizens and guests.

But now, we can say with confidence that the Wonder train has become a new symbol of Lviv.

The train excursion has become very popular in Lviv, it is pictured on souvenirs such as magnets, puzzles, post cards etc.

The Wonder train is equipped with special audio system, so passengers can get excursion in their native language.



  • Іра18-08-2014 23:50reply

    Було дуже спектром під скляним дахом. Переважно стояли в пробках за маршрутками і слухали музику. Краще пішки ходити. Нічого особливого не побачили.

  • Harry27-01-2015 19:51reply

    This is a great excursion trip and for an unbelievably cheap price UAH 60 in January 2015 when the exchange rate was UAH 20 / US$1. That included free earpieces to listen to the audio system in English.

  • Pete29-03-2015 08:00reply

    It's an embarrasing eyesore.

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