Lviv Historical Museum

Lviv Historical Museum
6 Rynok Square
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Lviv Historical Museum is one of the oldest and richest museums in Ukraine. It was founded in 1893. 1940 can be considered the date of the second birth of the museum. It is a year when the historical museum of the city and the adjacent National Museum of King John III (founded in 1908) were merged into one entity - the Lviv Historical Museum (LHM).

Today the collections of Lviv History Museum have includes over 330 thousand exhibits. Among them are archaeological materials, paintings, sculptures, drawings, archival documents, manuscripts, printed books, metal pieces, leather, wood, glass and porcelain pieces, furniture, clocks, musical instruments, photos and photographic negatives, weapons and numismatics. All of the museum monuments are witnesses to the past. They tell about important events of the city and everyday life of Lvivites and Galicia from ancient times to the twentieth century. (Archaeology and Ancient History Department, 24 Market Square; History department of Western lands of second half of XIX - XX centuries, 4 Market square).

The exhibition launched at Kornyakta Building Royal Halls, where the former residence of King Jan III Sobieski includes antique furniture, paintings, and clocks. The military medals are exhibited separately.

The Historical Museum department called "The Museum of Historical Treasures" was opened in 2005 at 2 Market Square.

The standing exhibition called "Military and Historic Monuments" was dedicated to the subject of struggle of the Ukrainian people for the creation of an independent state (4 Market Square). It was organized by the department of of the history of the liberation struggle.


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