Beer Brewing Museum

Beer Brewing Museum
18 Kleparivska str.
(032) 294-80-65, (032) 294-80-26
Open hours:
10.30 - 18.00, Wed - Mon
Spoken languages
Українська мова, English
Near center
Заклади культури та туризму

The museum is located in the semi-basement premises of the Lviv Beer Plant, and occupies a surface totalling 600 square meters. The exhibit presents a complete history of beer brewing in Lviv and the Lviv Beer Plant. 

Here, you can view models and authentic tools and instruments used by modern-day brewers and their colleagues from days gone by, collections of beer barrels and bottles, advertising and publicity samples, etc. 

Our guests can also enjoy watching a video about the Lviv Beer Plant, visiting our tasting hall, where our best samples of «Lvivske» beer will do more than please all beer connoisseurs. 

Admission: free admission for children under 10 years; 5 UAH for youngsters aged 10 – 18; 15 UAH for adults over 18 years; 10 UAH for special categories (disabled, students, pensioners). Degustation of «Lvivske» beer is included in the price of the ticket for adults over 18 years. 



  • Гандзуня08-03-2010 01:41reply

    цікаво... і смачно...

  • Гай Юлій07-07-2010 17:31reply

    Дитинко це шкідливо для здоров"я

  • Андрій27-06-2011 15:22reply

    Вхідні квитки подорожчали: 20 грн дорослі, 15 грн студенти, 10 грн діти.

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