Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv

Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv
20 Svobody ave.
(032) 235-88-46, (032) 235-88-56
(032) 235-88-49
Open hours:
10.00 - 18.00, Tue - Sun
Заклади культури та туризму

The collections in the museum total more than 140,000 unique items. The museum takes special pride in presenting the largest and most complete collection of medieval sacral art of the XII-XVIII centuries: icons, manuscripts, rare ancient books, decoratively carved pieces of art, metal and plastic artworks, and fabrics embroidered with gold and silver.

The museum also boasts a unique monument of Ukrainian Baroque style: the Bohorodchansky Iconostasis. 

Exhibits include:  Ancient Ukrainian art from the XII – XV centuries; Ukrainian art from the XVI – XVIII centuries; and Ukrainian art from the end of the XVIII – to the beginning of the XX centuries. 

Admission: general ticket – 15 UAH; children – 8 UAH.

Excursions: 50 UAH for schoolchildren and students; 60 UAH for a group of 15 adults; 150 UAH for excursions in foreign languages: English, Polish, or Russian. 



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