Festival "Have a cup of coffee in Lviv" 2013

Festival "Have a cup of coffee in Lviv" 2013

18-21 September 2014, Lviv

+38(032) 235-77-88 

At the beginning of the fall, the urban coffee festival "Have a cup of coffee in Lviv" is traditionally held in Lviv.

Do you like coffee with or without sugar, with milk or cream, espresso or Kayzermelanzh? Probably you simply love the smell of fresh ground coffee that you accidentally smelled on the street and which gave you a positive charge and energy for the whole day?

Do you prefer a cozy cafe in a mysterious Lviv dungeon or on the roof of one of the old buildings of the city? Probably you love strolling downtown, while drinking coffee and observing Lviv trams? Since the first coffee house opened in Lviv, Lvivites do not imagine their lives without coffee. We are sure that if you taste aromatic coffee in Lviv at least once, a part of your heart will stay here forever.

We invite you to visit our City Festival "Have a cup of coffee in Lviv", which will be held in the fall. The coffee holiday matures and becomes increasingly important not only for the citizens and visitors, but also for “coffee sphere” experts.

The latest news about the festival are coming soon.



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