Batyar Day 2013

Batyar Day 2013

Batyar Day 2013

10-12 May 2013, Lviv


Guests and Lviv City Day Batyar will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere, mood, life, style of such an authentic Lviv phenomenon as batyarstvo.

Batyar is a witty, gallant and romantic idler.

With the unique Lviv spirit of modernity and batyar charm of the old city, Batyar Day will bring together visitors and residents again.

Batyarstvo is a feature that unites everyone, regardless of nationality, age, religion, and political interests. This is a trait of inherent love of a native city, where you have grown up or to which you are heartbound.

Annually, Batyar day is rich in unique entertainment for Lviv residents and visitors alike. The elections of Batyar Holiday King and Mrs. Batyarova have already become traditional. If you decide to adopt a truly Batyar look and feel like a host of the holiday, come in batyar clothing and participate in the competition for the title of Batyar King and the title of Mrs. Batyarova. Every day there will be quests for the Batyar gangs that will consist of a set of thematic tasks that will be performed by gang-members and Batyar chancery. Every guest of Batyar Day will be able to go through the process of initiation and apply to become a real Batyar.

Other attractions include a batyar shooting gallery, where one can shoot coffee grains into beer cans with a help of a slingshot; a vintage photo sector where each visitor will receive pictures with unique Batyars and their female “kobitas”; a batyar photo-booth, where one can instanly transform oneself into a colorful Batyar; a space with a “sharzhyst”, humorous artist, who creates comical images of people in the Batyar style of the early twentieth century. There are also vivid batyar concerts and passionate parties.

More information is coming soon.

Batyar Day 2013


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