International Festival "Fluhery Lvova"
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International Festival "Fluhery Lvova"

International Festival "Fluhery Lvova"

11-12 May 2014, Market Square

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Ethno-Jazz Festival "Fluhery Lvova"(Weathervanes of Lviv) is held in the City Hall Courtyard every year on Lviv City Day.

This is an ethno-jazz festival held annually in spring in the specially designated Ratusha Courtyard. "Fluhery" were lauched for the first time in 2003 and each subsequent year the festival increased its scale. The festival incorporates literary movements, happenings and media projects. Morning awakenings with the band “Mertvyi Piven’ ” (Dead Rooster) are already traditional. Awakening with the “Gych Orchestra" is a new tradition initiated in 2012.

More than 150 bands, which amounts to approximately one thousand artists, have performed at “Fluhery”. Apart from the diverse ethno and jazz undertones, theatrical events, multimedia presentations, various performances, literary readings, and aesthetic provocations occur at "Fluhery”. Beside the City Hall courtyard the festival was held in "Synia Flyashka", "L'yalka club", Philharmonia, Zan’kovetska Theatre, "Dzyga" and other hip places, not to mention the streets of the city.

Ethno-jazz Festival "Fluhery Lvova" combines various ethnic motives with the performances of jazz musicians. Every day "Fluhery" are overfilled with music, overcrowded with people who are overwhelmed with joy. The rain makes dancers near the stage bloom like colored umbrellas. You will be able to plunge into the world of jazz music, meet with well-known and new artists, and just relax.

Visit us for more information about the dates and festival program which is currently being developed.



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